The Ceremony of Return Without Conversion

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These are the minimum standards with which the ACJA would consider recognizing an individual with    

The Certificate of Return as a Bene Anusim WITHOUT CONVERSION:

All the requirements will be done under the rabbinic supervision of The ACJA 

All requirements are minimum (1) one year which must include (1) one full Torah cycle

An individual will have:

1) Attended a synagogue, where available, with attendance at Shabbat Services 75% of the time

     (at least 3 out of 4 Shabbats a month)

The individual must Safeguard and Remember EVERY Shabbat, by not engaging in work or spending money.

2) Participated in all major holidays, i.e. Pesaj, Jag ha’Matsot, Shavuot, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur(Dia del Gran Perdon), Succot, Shemini Atseret

3) Given 10% of their monthly income (after taxes) to the sons of Levi.

4) Been active and participating in ongoing Torah classes and Jewish History classes

5) Have taken Basic Hebrew (Biblical) and Conversation (Optional)

6) Observance and knowledge of kosher laws in the country in which they live

7) The ability to recite the Shema in Hebrew (Devarim 6:4-9 and 11:13-21)

8) Been fully circumcised if male by a mohel or undergo a Hatafat Dam Brit if the circumcision was done by a doctor, in any case a full circumcision must have been done

9) If all ready married, the Bet Din will make a ruling

10) Immersion in a Mikvah

11) given multiple offerings- Tsedacah 

12) Had a review by the Bet Din, on over all knowledge of Judaism, Torah, the Land of Israel and of their reasons for the belief that they are Jewish or of Jewish descent.

All individuals will meet with the Bet Din for final evaluation.

By Order of the Bet Din of the ACJA


While the Certificate of Return has been accepted by the Ministry of the Interior of Israel and DOES assist one in making aliyah, it may NOT enable you to be accepted by Ultra-Orthodox Judaism. Many Orthodox conversions both in the USA and throughout the world have been rejected in Israel since they were not performed by jaredi-approved Orthodox rabbis. If this is your goal, then you may choose to make aliyah to Israel and then to contact the jaredi Ultra-Orthodox community there in order to under go Ultra-Orthodox conversion under their supervision. If you seek an Ultra-Orthodox conversion anywhere in the world and you want your conversion to be accepted in Israel by the jaredi community, be sure to ask the Rabbi if he is on the jaredi list of approved rabbis for performing conversions.


The Certificate of Return from The Association of the Crypto Jews of the Americas is an accepted proof of Jewish Identity for the purpose of joining a synagogue (other than Ultra-Orthodox) in the USA and most countries of the world, so that it does enable the recipient to rejoin world Jewry and to live an authentically Jewish lifestyle.


—– There are no current ceremony of return scheduled at this time. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND UPDATE, please contact us Send an email to ACJA.


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