Living a Sephardic Lifestyle Resources

The following is a collection of items that you’ll need/want for living a Sephardic Jewish Lifestyle. These are suggested items. Obviously if you already have any one of them, you won’t need to get a new one.If you have question, please be sure to check with Rabbi for more information.

Tanaj the Stone edition:

Tanaj English Only Tanaj:

Individualize Version of each book of Sefer HaBrit:

Sephardic weekday & Shabbat siddur:

Sephardic Siddur With a Linear Translation:

Siddur typically used by orthodox community:

Children’s Siddur:

Book:: To be a Jew (Often used during study for bar/bat mitzvah)

Book:: To Pray as a Jew (Often used during study for bar/bat mitzvah)

Biblical Hebrew Basics Book

Hebrew for Dummies:

Kashrut & keeping the kitchen Kosher:


Be sure to check with Rabbi before making the following purchase.

Talit Katan (cotton):

Full sized prayer talit:

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